About Us

360LIFE is a new age organization & is promoted by a team of highly experienced people from different verticals with technology tie-ups and knowledge transfers from leading research institutions and various technical and commercial organizations in the fields of construction, biodiversity environment, rainwater harvesting, nutrition, food technology, and landscape.

In today’s profit-centric business world, this organization stands out by being more people-centric and is focussing on improving the wellness of people’s overall lifestyle ( be it food or home) in an organic way.

360LIFE is An innovative new-age organization with a vision that embraces the entire ecosystem. Enlightened Living – luxury residences that enrich and elevate the human experience & Enlightened Wellness – pure, nutritious, and Vedic-science-based wellness & home products.

While at 360LIFE, ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge converge to offer you a holistic life and lifestyle, taking care of all of this So that the 5 senses are satisfied, and physical, mental & emotional health is boosted to enable a happy and healthy mind. All experts warn us about the dangers of modern, processed food and speak about how organic food can have a positive effect on us.

We are an organization with a holistic approach. We strive to create a wholesome living experience and as the name goes we bring to you- products that encompass the entire ecosystem.


Development of infrastructure

Including production, Packaging, Supply chain, Logistics for FMCG & Health Food industries.

Impart Domain Knowledge

Training in the FMCG and Health Food industries.

Leverage Proficiency in Financial Knowledge

By creating training modules to assist social and rural entrepreneurs.